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Twisting machine >> YY-806 Big Roll Yarn Twisting Machine 大卷加捻机

YY-806 Big Roll Yarn Twisting Machine 大卷加捻机 


Big Roll Yarn Twisting Machine/ Yarn Twister/ Twisting Machine 大卷加捻机


Technical parameters

Arrangement of machine

Double-side double-set

Mechanical speed

3,000 revolutions/minute (depend on technical parameters)

Range of twisting degree

10-500 twists/meter (adjusted via a computer)

Twisting direction

S or Z

Spinning ring

8-12 cun (depend on users' winding quantity)

Maximum winding stroke

300 MM (can be customized)

Shaping mode

Cylinder, double-cone, and single-cone types

Minimum/maximum number of spindles

6-20 spindles

Maximum winding quantity

10 KG (depend on yarn and shaping mode)

External dimension

1830 * 1100 * 2070mm


-  PLC digital control system for industrial use

-  Electronic length fixing, and accurate counting of winding size

-  Lower noise level under the condition of high speed

-  Large-package winding presents products without pieces

-  Multidigit electronic detection device for broken yarn

- Degree of twisting can be controlled via a computer


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