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Twisting machine >> YY-818 High speed ring twister 环锭捻线机

YY-818 High speed ring twister 环锭捻线机 


Technical parameters

Arrangement of machine

Double-side double-set

Mechanical speed

4,000 revolutions/minute (depend on technical parameters)

Range of twisting degree

10-600 twists/meter (adjusted via a computer)

Twisting direction

S or Z

Spinning ring

 4-7 cun (depend on users' winding quantity)

Maximum winding stroke


Shaping mode

Cylinder, double-cone, and single-cone types

Minimum/maximum number of spindles

4-30 spindles

Maximum winding quantity

Maximum winding quantity

External dimension

3KG (depend on yarn and shaping mode)


Combined with advanced twisting process and automatic technology at home and abroad, our company, according to internationally famous manufacturers' equipment use experience and market development demand,launches the brand-new full-automation yarn doubling and twisting machine which may produce high-quality yarn at a low production cost. This machine is a new generation of equipment in the yarn-making industry which has the advantages as follows: full of modern science and technology elements, simple operation,good-looking appearance, and numerical control.

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