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Winding machine >> YY-832 Double spindle high speed winding machine 双锭单控纬纱机

YY-832 Double spindle high speed winding machine 双锭单控纬纱机 


Technical parameters

Number of spindles for each machine


 Control mode

 Single-spindle and independent

 Winding mode

 Parallel winding

 Maximum winding stroke



 5,000 revolutions/minute

 Rated power




 Winding bobbin

 Many types such as the bobbins with high speed, embroidery, or lace

 External dimension



-Single-spindle independent work system

 -Accurate length-control device

 -Stable constant-linear-velocity winding

 -Mobile push rod with a thermal fuse

 -High-efficiency bottom line cutting device

This equipment is characterized by winding at a constant linear velocity, fast speed, high output, good-looking product shape without lousiness, being equipped with an accurate length-control device and automatic cop change function. By adopting the single-spindle control mode, we may regulate computer operation at a variable frequency, greatly raising the degree of automation and avoiding the waste in production. 

Selective parts:

- Oil-soaking and waxing devices

- Multiple blanking modes

- Heating type, simple structure, and fast-speed yarn breaking

- Scissor-bite type and aiming at glass fiber or cotton yarn

- Touch screen for a computer with intelligent operation

- Bottom line cutting device, needless of artificial pruning Over-long thread residue

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