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Waxing polishing machine >> Shoelace Waxing Polishing Machine

Shoelace Waxing Polishing Machine 


Shoelace waxing polishing machine



This machine applies to various ropes and bobbin tapes waxing and polishing.  The equipment can complete waxing and drying at the same time. Waxed and dried shoelaces and other ropes have gloss and good hand feeling, and their gloss and hand feeling can be adjusted as required.It also can set a fixed temperature to automatically control electric heating, so as to avoid damaging the machine due to overheat. This machine uses a three-spindle winding brush drum for waxing and polishing, so that shoelaces become brighter. The new-type quick brush release mechanism makes it easy to replace a brush, for glue won't be frozen.



- The bearing protecting cover may effectively prevent wax oil from permeating and freezing

- The quick brush release mechanism makes it convenient to replace the brush

- The brush can be adjustable with frequency conversion

-  Protection for the condition there's no ropes or bands and know tying to ensure product quality (optional)

- Electric heating and air drying (optional)

-  Automatic electric-heating temperature-controlled cabinet(optional)







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