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Winding machine >> YY-DGN Multi-Functional Bandlet Winding Machine 多功能卷带机

YY-DGN Multi-Functional Bandlet Winding Machine 多功能卷带机 


Automatic Flat Tape Bobbin Winder /Multi-Functional Bandlet Winding Machine                       

Technical parameters


 Number of winding strips


 Winding width

 Shorter than 40 MM

 Winding speed

 200 meter/minute

 Winding mode

 Parallel winding

 Motor power


 Net equipment weight


 External dimension


This machine is suitable for velvet ribbons, silk ribbons, rope tapes, elastic bands, zipper tapes, and other bobbin tapes. The horizontal-winding staggered-form mode is adopted on the bobbin, which may save packaging time.  The distance on the right and left can be adjusted based on band width. The band is accurately and neatly arranged on the surface of yarn tray, with adjustable speed. Yardage length can be accurately calculated.Therefore, this machine is the most simple and the most advanced winding machine at present.   


  - If there exists a broken belt, the machine may automatically stop.

  - Winding length of belts can be set, so as to effectively fix length 

  - The swinger may be adjusted according to band width and automatically arranged

  - Manufacture large-volume winding bobbin tapes and elastic bands as required by users

  - Install the tape loading device for constant-linear-velocity winding To obtain a uniform tension for dyeing in the condition of ungirding

 -  The device of detecting holes, the machine will stop the moment the warning light is on (optional) 


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