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Winding machine >> YY-S Soft Cone Winder 精密松筒机

YY-S Soft Cone Winder 精密松筒机 


Soft Cone Winder/Soft Yarn Winder/Soft Cone to Cone Winding Machine


Technical parameters


 Single jersey machine, 6 spindles for each section

Drive and control

Single-spindle and independent

Winding speed

1,000 meters/minute (process speed depends on raw materials)

Maximum external winding diameter


Winding slant angle

Freely programmable

Guide thread stroke

50-280MM (can be adjusted via a computer)

Winding mode

Digital winding or precision winding

Minimum/maximum number of spindles

6/48 spindles

Rated power


This machine is a winding machine with electromechanical integration. The complete machine adopts a high-integration single-spindle independent controller,  It is also equipped with a self-developed and self-designed cord-arrangement control system, so as to separately drive the three motors of wire guiding, winding, and overfeeding. Thus, the machine may actively and steadily feed yarn, which won't be overlapped despite the winding back and forth. After overfeeding, yarn can be wound into the soft-cone bobbin yarn available for dyeing. Additionally, this machine has the functions of fixing length and diameter to meet the need for shaping. Characteristics:

- Winding speed is separately controlled and driven

- Centrally input winding parameters of each machine or spindle

- Equipped with a gate-type tensioner (with an active drive overfeeding device)

- Equipped with an automatic stop arrangement when broken yarn is monitored

 - Store technical parameters and formula

 - Electronic single-spindle length-counting system 

 - Automatic stop for single-spindle winding diameter


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